SAP Business Solutions


We make sure that your processes become automated, visualized and improved with an ERP solution that brings all areas of your daily operations together. Creating both measurable value and readiness for change. Ready, Change, Set, Go! Whoever you are and wherever you are, there is presently one story that is common to us all. It is about change readiness. Depending on who presents it, it may have different interpretation and tone, but the intention is the same: change equals events we must deal with and respond to. To succeed and survive, we must continuously and constantly be able to adapt and change. The same applies to companies. No matter how much your company hopes for some kind of continuity, readiness for change is the compass by which you and your colleagues navigate.


That’s where we come in. At Expert our goal is to show you what you can do with IT, including ERP, S/4HANA and integration of your IT systems and solutions. The core of Expert Business Solutions is our consultants, who are some of Middle East’s most competent experts. In the field of ERP, we are particularly strong in finance and management, logistics, and CRM. At the same time, we differ from other IT companies, by not only providing IT consulting, but by being a strategic business partner that gives you 360° sparring – even when it means that we sometimes have to take IT out of the equation to ensure you less complexity and more innovation.

360° SAP WITH Expert

Our deep roots in HCM and mobility give us a rare ability to put ourselves in our customers’ place: We understand both the internal lines and internal processes – and simultaneously have the ability to open our customers’ infrastructure to the outside world. What characterizes Expert Business Solutions, is our many senior consultants, who cover the entire SAP value chain, and who are among Middle East’s most skilled and experienced SAP consultants. We know what is happening in the market and what is happening with the latest in SAP – as an example, we have developed a unique concept for the introduction of S/4HANA to your business. In practice, this means that we can offer you 360° SAP – a full solution palette where we, first of all, are fully responsible for helping you run your business more efficiently and thereby reach a 360° overview, and, secondly, we give you the opportunity to only need one sparring and collaboration partner in your total full-service solution. This value of ours, creating partnerships and solid alliances makes us the market leader in all areas, including CRM.


  • by exclusively having senior consultants develop your ERP platform
  • by being among the most skilled technical experts in the Nordic region
  • by having many years of experience and expertise from similar projects and tasks
  • by enabling you to efficiently handle the complexities of both your business and your IT support
  • by combining SAP with your daily processes and workflows
  • by giving you a realistic view of your ability to deliver better results

CONTACT US TO KNOW MORE about the benefits of cooperation with EBS and how we can help to positively change your business 360° with SAP. We stand ready to answer your questions and help you further.