Expert is a partner of SAP, company established in Jan 2016 based on group of partners possessing more than 25+ years of business and Information Engineering experience producing integrated business solutions for many industries like Trade, Professional Services, Automotive and many other enterprise support functions like Finance, HR, Supply Chain, CRM, Sales and Distribution.


To be & to be recognized as the top-notch technological business solution partner in the middle east


We are aspiring to go beyond the provision of integrated business applications, or even state of the art technologies, it’s all of this together plus a real effective solutions recognized as a distinctive landmark, While establishing and developing a Healthy and Profitable Organizations capable of producing real added value to community


Integrity & Trust, Commitment to Quality, Customer Focus, Innovation



As a SAP Provider, to help you achieve business objectives and streamline business processes, Expert Business Solutions offers SAP licences and implementation, through various channels like ASAP Methodology and SAP Project Risk Management, based on your need.


Expert recognizes that SAP systems in companies are mission critical and form the lifeline for crucial business operations and decision making. Expert Business Solutions’s support services are built around the philosophy that the customer‘s SAP system is available always on demand . Expert Business Solutions support services are also aligned to proactively anticipate customer requirements so that the system can be intelligently and quickly tailored to meet the dynamic and ever changing business requirements.


Harnessing the power of SAP of is as much as an art and a science. Industry and domain understanding is imperative to craft elegant and receptive SAP solutions that add value to business. Expert Business Solutions prides itself in its business consulting approach that brings together industry/domain expertise and a deep understanding and knowledge of the SAP solutions that have consistently delivered value to Expert Business Solutions’s customers.